- 1980-present: restore wooden artwork (examples: wooden choir stall at the San Marcuola Church in Venice; wooden choir stall at the Cathedral in Chioggia, antique guildings, musical instruments (examples: fortepiano 'Cameretto', Vienna, 1839), 'A.Kessler' guitar, Austria, 1830ca., antique furniture, vintage boats.

- 1990: started experimenting with my first models of classical guitar.

- 1998-present: actively work in guitar-making field; specialize in building 100% hand-made classical guitars; design my own models and reproduce antique instruments

- 1998-present: apply my expertise of organic architecture to designing and building custom-made eco-friendly furniture.

In all of the above mentioned activities, I use exclusively eco-friendly materials and products (varnishes, parasitecides, glues, etc.).


- October 2003: a course in ecological design in Dornach (Basel), Switzerland.

- 1998-present: courses in organic architecture taught by Enzo Nastati and Maurizio Lazzarotto in Monselice (Italy).

- 1992: won a scholarship to 'Centro Europeo di Venezia per i Mestieri della Conservazione del Patrimonio Architettonico' ('European Center for Conservational Crafts for the Architectonic Heritage in Venice').

- 1979-1982: studied classical guitar with Professor Angelo Amato, a student of Andres Segovia.

- 1975-1990: apprenticed to master craftman Giuseppe Bullo in Chioggia ; studied carving, sculpting, guilding, restoration, French polishing, furniture making, luthiery, etching and printing.


- May 2005: held a presentation in Rovigo (Italy), entitled 'The Music Box - birth of the modern six-string guitar, from 1780 to present'

- Oct-Dec 2004: taught a carving course at 'La Comunità Diurna di Campalto (Venice)' - a clinic for former drug-addicts.

- February 2004: held a presentation in Figline Val D'Arno (Florence) on guitar making.

- April 2004: exhibited guitars at the Luthiery Exhibit in Adria (Italy).

- 2003: exhibited guitars at the Luthiery Exhibit in Ales sandria (Italy).

- May 2003: exhibited custom-made furniture at the Sample Trade Fair - 'Ecological Design' section - in Padua (Italy).

- June 1999: and partecipated at the Medieval Fair in Chioggia (Italy), demonstrated

- June 2000: typical medieval wood-carving techniques and decorations.

I actively collaborate with world famous guitar players (Ms.Filomena Moretti , Mr.Massimo Scattolin , Mr.Ennio Guerrato) as well as numerous professors at music conservatories in Italy who play my instruments.